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Collaborative Family Office Services

Our Collaborative Family Office Services exist to manage and oversee an affluent family's wealth including your investments, tax planning, and estate planning while coordinating and collaborating with your other professionals to form a personalized Family Team. We work with a client's entire family, offering a full range of services designed to help perpetuate a family's wealth.

While a typical Family Office is only accessible to the very wealthiest of families, we offer the same intricate service model to an exclusive group of high net-worth families for a reasonable cost. We have two distinct service strategies based on your family's wealth and level of complexity: Family CFO™ Services and Family Office Services.

Family CFO™ Services for clients with $10 million to $25 millionin family wealth

Our Family CFO™ Service has similar responsibilities to that of a CFO in a business. We become the Chief Financial Officer for your family, handling the details of financial management and implementation of the overall collaborative strategy that has been set forth. Our goal is to simplify your family's finances that can become more and more complex as your wealth grows.

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Family Office Services for clients with $25 million to $75+ million in family wealth

Our Family Office provides concierge-level services for families experiencing many of the complexities that wealth brings. Our services are multigenerational and unifying in purpose. In addition to the services you would expect, we have programs to help the next generation become good stewards of their money, both today and into the future, through education and stewardship training. Our goal is to help you provide order, simplicity, and a path for extending your legacy.

•Full Wealth Design and Documentation
•Integrated Wealth Management
•Wealth Transfer Planning
•Philanthropic Advice and Planning
•Next Generation Education
•Stewardship Training for the Next Generations
•Unifying Family Meeting Services
•Comprehensive Tax Planning
•Asset Protection
•Risk Management
•Family Governance
•Trust and Custody Services
•Access to Private Banking
•Formation of Family Foundations

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